Mountain meadow massacre

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Johnson, and LeJean Purcell Carruth, eds. For more great articles, subscribe to Wild West magazine today! Cut off from any source of water and under continual gunfire, the emigrants fended off their assailants for five long, hellish days. Mitchell wrote to Senator W.

Army's cairn and the memorial wall with a second monument, which it now maintains. On September 7, the party came under attack by a group of Indians and Mormons dressed as Indians. As a result, BYU Studies published a special edition of their journal in fall At least one youngster, believed to be about 10 to 12 years old, was killed by a gunshot to the top of the head.

Historian David Bigler writes: They spared 17 of the children, believing they would be too young to be credible witnesses. The women and children were then ambushed and killed by more militia that were hiding in nearby bushes and ravines. Readers can learn about plans for the th anniversary at the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation Web site at http: In an August 4 letter to southern Utah, for example, he urged one Latter-day Saint to "[c]ontinue the conciliatory policy towards the Indians, which I have ever recommended, and seek by works of righteousness to obtain their love and confidence, for they must learn that they have either got to help us or the United States will kill us both" Brooks, p.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Having conspired in advance with his immediate commander, Isaac C. Smith 's tour of southern Utah influenced the decision to attack and destroy the Fancher—Baker emigrant train near Mountain Meadows, Utah.

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Bibliography Arrington, Leonard J. Despite the passage of years, it appears that Latter-day Saints, survivors of the Southern Paiute Nation, descendants of the victims and their murderers, and a scattering of historians and the curious will gather at the meadows.

The Mountain Meadows Massacre: The Mass Murder Mormons Blamed On Native Americans

He issued a report in Mayaddressed to the U. Yet events surrounding the upcoming sesquicentennial appear primed to bring more attention to the massacre than it has had since the death of Brigham Young. The travelers had few options: Investigations and prosecutions relating to the Mountain Meadows massacre An early investigation was conducted by Brigham Young, [12] who interviewed John D.

Young became interested in the subject when he tried to date a descendant of John D. The Mormon prophet himself viewed the murders that way.Massacre at Mountain Meadows is a book by Latter-day Saint historian Richard E. Turley, Jr. and two Brigham Young University professors of history, Ronald W.

Walker and Glen M.

Leonard. Leonard was also the director of the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City, Utah. Renewed interest in the Mountain Meadows case developed in the early s, thanks largely to a series of stories in the Utah Reporter by Charles W.

Wandell, writing under the pen name "Argus," that challenged Brigham Young's response to the massacre. Wikipedia definition: The Mountain Meadows Massacre was a mass slaughter of the Fancher-Baker emigrant wagon train at Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, by a local Mormon militia and members of the Paiute Indian tribe on September 11, The incident began as an attack, quickly turned into a siege, and eventually culminated in the murder of the unarmed emigrants after their surrender.

In Septembersome two thousand persons gathered in Cedar City, Utah, to effect a reconciliation among those whose ancestors died or participated in what may be considered the most unfortunate incident in the history of the LDS Church, the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

New Volumes Contribute to Understanding. May 11, –Two new volumes contribute to understanding the Mountain Meadows Massacre. The volumes, titled Mountain Meadows Massacre: Collected Legal Papers, Initial Investigations and Indictments, and Mountain Meadows Massacre: Selected Trial Records and Aftermath, are now available from the University of Oklahoma Press and Amazon.

Mountain Meadows Massacre Overview “On September 11,some 50 to 60 local militiamen in southern Utah, aided by some American indian[s], massacred about emigrants who were traveling by wagon to California.

Mountain meadow massacre
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